Fairview Height Truck Accident Lawyer

Fairview Heights Truck Accident Lawyer

Makin’ your way down the road, you’re going to encounter more than just Priuses and Teslas. Large vehicles like trucks, trailers, tractors, and buses are frequent guests on the highway.

Unfortunately, Illinois roads are a common site for traffic accidents involving these large vehicles.

Among the cities hit by this problem is Fairview Heights, a small city in Southern Illinois.

What’s the solution? A Fairview Heights truck accident lawyer has the answers!

If you’ve endured a truck accident in Illinois, you are not alone.

Truck crashes are not new to the court system, so there are plenty of lawyers who are equipped to help you.

TorHoerman Law is the ideal Illinois personal injury firm.

Continue reading to learn about truck safety, and consider contacting us if you’re seeking compensation.

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Illinois Truck Accident Statistics

Don’t steal lumber, look at a number. Have you ever wondered just how often accidents happen? Plenty of agencies keep track of these statistics.

Being aware of these numbers can act as a reminder to stay serious when you’re behind the wheel.

The following stats reflect accidents in 2017:

  • There were 190 fatal crashes involving pickup trucks and 9241 crashes that caused an injury.
  • There were 142 fatal crashes involving other trucks and farming vehicles and more than 3200 injuries.
  • 23 fatal truck crashes happened in work zones. This resulted in 190 injuries.
  • Trucks make up 16% of registered vehicles in Illinois.
  • Buses accounted for 8 fatal crashes and 848 injuries.
  • Truck crashes were more likely to occur in rural areas than urban.
  • In both urban and rural areas, interstate type roads were the commonest place for crashes to take place.
  • Illinois car accidents caused more than 450 thousand injuries in 2017.
  • Crashes caused by deer made up 5% of accidents.
  • 51% of fatal traffic accidents happened at night.
  • 100% of victims seeking compensation look for a Fairview Heights truck accident lawyer.


Tips For Safe Trucking

Whether you’re a car person or a truck lover, there are precautions you should take to be a good driver.

Pay attention—things are about to get serious. Some tips from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration:

  • Be defensive. Stay wary of your surroundings, both in front of you and behind you on the road. You never know what kind of obstruction could pop up.
  • Use signals. If you need to make a special maneuver, make eye contact with other drivers who could be affected, and use hand signals.
  • Adjust your speed when necessary. It’s easy to cruise at whatever speed suits you, but sometimes your speed makes things harder for other drivers.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained. Get a safety and emissions inspection at least once a year. If you’re driving with a load on your vehicle, make sure it’s safely secured. If you drive a truck, your employer should be able to give you more details.
  • Wear your seatbelt. Self-explanatory!
  • Know where you’re going. Without a clear destination, your good driving habits are likely to take the back seat. Don’t be driving without a purpose.
  • Don’t get distracted. Stay off your phone while driving. Turn on Siri if you have to. Don’t let accidents on the side of the road keep you from watching what’s in front of you.

Be safe. Your life and the life of others depend on it.

If you do get in an accident, a Fairview Heights truck accident lawyer can be of tremendous assistance.


What Steps Should I Take After a Truck Accident?

If you get in an accident, the stress may be overwhelming.

Your adrenaline is pumping and nobody seems sure of what to do.

Well, there are a series of steps that make this process much more tolerable than it otherwise would be.

Here is what to do when disaster strikes:

  • Get your vehicle off the road if you can. A stalled or crashed truck immediately creates a hazard for oncoming drivers. Once you’re off the road, get out of your vehicle if you’re able. It could explode or get hit by another car.
  • Check on everybody. Look for injuries and ask the others if they’re hurt. Then, call 911 or whatever the emergency number for the area is. They’ll ask you some questions about the situation and probably send help.
  • Collect information about the accident. Take note of where and how the crash happened. Then collect information about the other people involved in the crash. Their names, license plates, insurers, and contact info will be useful to have.
  • Take pictures. If you have a camera or camera phone, use it. Photos and videos may be used for the insurance company or in court.
  • Talk to your insurance company. They’ll give you initial guidance and discuss compensation for physical damages.
  • Call an attorney. A Fairview Heights truck accident lawyer can advise you on how to get paid your losses.


What Will A Truck Accident Attorney Do For Me?

It’s possible your automotive insurer can cover some of the damages of your accident, but they can’t cover you for things like hospital bills or lost time at work.

You can only be compensated by filing a civil lawsuit with the help of a personal injury lawyer. The first step is to contact an attorney.

They will look at your case and decide if it’s viable for court.

If they take on the case, they’ll then gather evidence, compile damages, and propose a compensation.

A wrongful death suit may be necessary for some situations.


Will I Receive Money For My Truck Accident?

The outcome of the lawsuit depends on how the court judges liability.

They may decide you were at fault to some extent, and this will reduce the compensation you receive.

You have to speak with an attorney to figure out how the lawsuit may play out in court.


TorHoerman Law is The Ultimate Fairview Heights Truck Accident Lawyer

Are you ready to turn things around? The team at TorHoerman Law is ready to help.

Our experience in a variety of personal injury cases makes us a strong and reliable force.

Call us at 1-888-508-6752, and we’ll happily chat with you for free.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the first thing to do after a truck accident?

    Try to move your vehicle off the road. Call 911 and check on others who may have been injured.

  • What can an attorney do for me after a truck accident?

    You may suffer emotionally, physically, or financially after a crash.

    An attorney can essentially quantify your suffering and, if possible, win you an appropriate sum of money for it in court.

  • Whose fault was the accident?

    In recounting the incident, the blame is often fairly clear.

    However, you, your attorney, and the court will figure this out more precisely which will determine the final settlement.

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