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People for Justice. Justice for People.

Our firm is about people.  That is our motto and that will always be our reality.  At THL, we believe that if we continue to focus on the people that we represent and continue to be true to the people that we are, we will achieve the best justice.

In fact, the only way to take on large corporations and insurance companies is to stay true to the people.  In the end, it will be people on a jury that make the decision for our clients.  The truth is that these profit motivated corporations fear real people making decisions about their misconduct.

So, how do we focus on people?

First, we at THL remind ourselves every day that we are on the side of justice.  We commit ourselves to our sincere belief that those injured by the misconduct of others, especially large corporate profit mongers, deserve justice for their injuries.

Second, we remember that we represent real people that are going through really difficult times.  We do our best to get to know our clients and understand their injuries and what they are going through.

At THL, we truly believe that we must remember who we are, what we believe, and who we represent.




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