Golf Cart Injury – Do Golf Carts Pose Risk to Children?


golf cart injuryWith warm weather approaching, we all begin to brainstorm our list of outdoor activities to partake in. From a cabin in the woods to the golf course, golf carts are a popular and efficient way to get around on beautiful days. Often considered safe and easy to drive, the golf cart became a common method of transportation for adults and children alike during the 1970’s.  In 1986, Yamaha built the first ever golf cart designed for streets and ever since then, the motorized vehicle has defined how we move around various activities. However, studies report that golf carts pose a serious personal injury risk for children.

Golf carts operate at low speeds. They are open-air vehicles which makes them ideal for traveling short distances. The convenience and low cost of golf carts have inevitably led to their use by both adults and children to rise. Because adults consider golf carts to be safer than other non-automobile vehicles such as ATVs, they are more willing to allow children to drive them. Despite the assumption of safety, it’s important to remember what is safe for an adult may pose a risk to a child. Studies have reported children as young as nine years old driving a golf cart, with the most common accidents involving the child being thrown off the golf cart.

From simple bruises to complex crush and neurological injuries, a golf cart injury can range from minor to severe. Without proper education and safety precautions, golf cart accidents are able to happen to anyone and at any time.

Preventing golf cart injuries can be as simple as encouraging proper education or installing a seatbelt. A common misconception about golf cart injuries is that they only happen in prominent golfing communities.  The reality is that golf cart injuries happen everywhere. Because they happen everywhere, safety measures and education methods need to be in place, regardless of location. Golf courses, parents, and guardians should all teach and encourage golf cart education rather than simply hoping for the best. Golf cart education is imperative as the best method of golf cart injury prevention is education.

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