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Granite City Car Accident Lawyer: Your Guide to Illinois Lawsuits

Granite City is just a 20-minute drive north of the big city of St. Louis.

The steel-working town is framed by interstates 255, 70, 55, and 64 and 270 through the northern edge. Travel is common in this town, with the entirety of Madison County racking up over 2 billion combined miles driven in 2018.

Neighboring St. Claire County also surpassed 2 billion miles, coming just short of the former.

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Granite City is the second-largest Metro-East city south of Springfield. All these things to do and these routes to travel mean that it is inevitable that accidents will happen.

TorHoerman Law is here to make sure Granite City is safe and secure–we are your Granite City car accident lawyer!

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What's There To Do in Granite City, IL?

Granite City is a historic hub for steel and tin work, which in itself is pretty cool.

Around the town are also other things to do, ranging from cafes to bookstores to a good homecooked meal.

A Novel Idea Bookstore and More is a book-lovers haven.

Comfy chairs and couches are surrounded with walls lined with hundreds of books.

Through a little side door, you can find the connected record shop that houses some cool vintage records and their respective t-shirts, knick-knacks, and trinkets.

The Boardgamery is just a few steps down the hall of the bookstore.

This lovely little coffee shop has an ice cream parlor, coffee and tea, and lots and lots of board games.

The Boardgamery and A Novel Idea is the perfect marriage between a quirky coffee shop and a cozy bookstore.

If you get hurt drinking coffee in Illinois, we suggest you call a Granite City car accident lawyer.

Nearby, Mother Nature has made her mark.

The parks of Granite City span over 175 acres throughout the area, with Wilson Park being the largest.

The Parks and Recreation Department has provided the park system with hundreds of other activities as well.

Some of these include 16 baseball fields, 10 playgrounds, an indoor ice rink, and even a swimming complex complete with waterslide and wading pool.


Tips For Safe Driving in Granite City, Illinois

Driving in Granite City means a lot of other travelers around.

Being cautious of yourself and other people means the difference between your safety and the safety of others.

Distracted Driving is one of the leading causes for accidents today.

Most people assume distracted driving is reserved to texting, talking on the phone, or using another electronic device unsafely while driving. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Changing the music, turning on the air conditioner, or even eating your breakfast can take your attention off the road long enough to become extremely dangerous.

Illinois State law prohibits the use of any handheld device in the car unless the vehicle is in neutral or park on the shoulder of the road or in a parking area.

That means no checking your Snapchat at a red light! If you get in an accident because of Snapchat, call a Granite City car accident lawyer.

Driving Under the Influence has been taught and re-taught that is not okay throughout school and work environments.

That’s because it is extremely dangerous! Drugs and alcohol impair judgment, making the driver more likely to drive too fast, too slow, miss turns and road signs, and slow reaction time to other drivers and pedestrians. Along with all these come hefty punishments.

Loss of a job, revocation of a license, and even jail time are only some of the things that you may have to face for a DUI charge.

Not to mention the likelihood of killing yourself or others in an accident caused by a driver under the influence.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Speeding and Reckless Driving is more common than you may think. Reckless driving is defined as the wanton disregard for yourself or others on the road.

That means speeding 20 miles or more over the limit, tailgating, or weaving between cars are all at risk for carrying heavier fines than a simple speeding ticket. Signs are posted to keep everyone safe.

Respecting speed limits, using turn signals, and keeping an eye out for other drivers will ensure other people (and yourself) are kept safe on the road.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance makes your car harder to handle.

Regular oil changes, tire care, cleanliness, and basic maintenance keep your vehicle safe to drive and others safe on the road.

Poor Weather Conditions are nobody’s fault, but how they are handled can mean problems on the road.

Wet pavement, icy roads, and poor visibility are all fairly common in the Illinois area, which means drivers must be prepared for anything.

Making sure your vehicle is properly equipped to withstand all types of weather and keeping an eye on the next day’s forecast will ensure everyone on the road gets home safely all year.


What Should I Do If I've Been In An Accident?

Don’t move. Never leave the scene of an accident.

Only move if instructed by medical personnel. Doing otherwise can lead to more trouble.

Get help. Call the police and medical care, no matter how insignificant the accident may appear.

Illinois State Law requires an accident to be reported if an injury or death has occurred.

If the accident or injury resulted in more than $1,500 in property damage, it must be reported within 10 days to avoid a felony charge.

Take pictures. Photos are evidence.

Everything – injuries, vehicles, road and weather conditions show how, when, and why the accident occurred.

Having these documented will help your attorney.

Writing the names and license numbers of everyone involved may also be of assistance in the future–medical professionals and police officers included.

This evidence will especially help in a premises liability case.

Keep to yourself. Never admit fault to anyone.

Telling another driver or their insurance company something was your fault may lead to another lawsuit.

Stash your records. If you are injured, keep all your information in a safe place to use them later in your case.

This includes diagnosis information and hospital discharge information.

Contact a lawyer. Contact a Granite City car accident Lawyer.

Having someone who knows the ins and outs of the law will be crucial to getting the compensation you need.

If someone died in the accident, you may end up filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Ask questions. Our job is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible while we figure out what you need to be on your way.

Don’t know what a bellwether trial is? Or an MDL? Ask your attorney.


Why You Should Call A Granite City Car Accident Lawyer

Every case is different.

Here is an overview of what filing a lawsuit will look like.

  1. Your accident occurs, and you need a personal injury attorney. Since the statute of limitations for Illinois is two years, you have only two years to file your lawsuit from the date of injury. Find an attorney quick, because you don’t want to miss the date!
  2. Once you find a lawyer, they’ll go over your case with you. Not all attorneys will accept your case. Asking questions can make things a little easier to understand on both ends.
  3. Once it’s been accepted, your attorney will guide you on filing a civil lawsuit. After you have filed, a period of litigation discovery will begin. This is when all the evidence from all parties involved with the case will be brought forward.
  4. Many times after the litigation discovery, the parties involved will try and resolve the case. This may close up your case in as little as six months. The damages in the case largely determine how fast this moves.
  5. If your case has any potential for settlements, now is the time to discuss. Attorney and lien costs are paid. After those are out of the way, you may either receive a lump-sum payment or a structured settlement. Structured settlements are paid throughout a period of time, agreed upon by your attorney and the opposing party. You can learn more by reading about how a contingency fee works.
  6. If the settlement cannot be agreed upon, your case may go to trial. Your Granite City car accident lawyer will help you along the way.


What Are My Options? A Lawyer Has Answers

The attorneys at TorHoerman Law are here and ready to help with all your questions and concerns.

You can trust that we will work hard for you and your case.

Contact us or try our Instant Case Evaluation to start your journey.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is TorHoerman Law located?

    TorHoerman Law has locations in St. Louis, Missouri; Edwardsville, Illinois; and Chicago, Illinois.

    All of our locations are placed so we have the best ability to help you.

  • What is the legal alcohol limit?

    The legal limit is .08 BAC, though any alcohol in your system makes driving unsafe.

    Try to refrain from getting behind the wheel if you have been drinking.

  • Does Route 66 go through Granite City?

    Yes! Route 66 goes through Granite City, as well as other points in Edwardsville, Collinsville, and St. Louis.

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