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The county in which Joliet is located experiences more than 50 fatal car accidents each year. Many injuries in Joliet are mitigated thanks to the many hospitals in the city.

Call your insurance company after the accident. They’ll give you some options. Then use an Instant Case Evaluation online to see your full list of options.

It’s possible you’ve had to spend a lot of money on things as a result of your car accident. A lawyer can help you receive compensation for these unexpected payments.

Joliet Car Accident Lawyer: Guide to Joliet Car Accident Lawsuits

Joliet, Illinois is a vibrant city that’s home to world-class entertainment and economic opportunities. Nicknamed “The Crossroads of Mid-America,” Joliet is the Midwest’s fasting growing city and a major transportation hub. With over 148,000 residents and countless commuters and visitors passing through, Joliet’s streets are bustling. While this means the city is always moving, it also means automobile accidents are common. To start your financial recovery, read the following guide, and consider calling a Joliet car accident lawyer.

Dealing with an accident is stressful. Even minor collisions can cause legal and financial anxiety, and major accidents can be much worse. Joliet car accident victims do not have to handle things on their own. At TorHoerman Law, our experienced car accident lawyers are well versed in navigating the Will County and Kendall County legal systems. If you were in an accident, we will work with you to help ease your stress and better understand your legal and financial options.

Joliet, IL Car Accident Statistics

Car accidents are common in Joliet, Will County, Kendall County, the greater Chicago area, and Illinois. In fact, Will County has the third-highest frequency of auto accidents in the state.

The following statistics outline these accidents’ frequency and gravity:

  • The Illinois Department of Vehicles reported that 15,000 auto accidents occurred in Will County in 2018. Kendall County had 2,102 auto accidents in 2018.
  • Will County had 52 fatal crashes in 2018. Kendall County had 6.
  • 3,405 crashes in Will County resulted in injuries. In Kendall County, 505 crashes resulted in injuries.
  • There were 319,146 automobile crashes in Illinois in 2018. 21 percent (67,453)
  •  of these accidents involved injuries, but less than 1 percent (951) had fatalities resulting in a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • In 2018, 1,035 people died in auto accidents in Illinois.
  • Each day, approximately 874 vehicle accidents occurred in Illinois in 2018. Every day, nearly three people were killed in vehicle accidents.
  • In Illinois, excessive speed accounted for 33.7 percent of vehicle accidents, 36.1 percent of fatal vehicle accidents, and 38.2 percent of vehicle accidents involving injuries.
  • 27 percent of Illinois fatal vehicle accidents involved alcohol.


What are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Even with better safety standards, auto technology advances, and an abundance of public awareness campaigns — car crashes are still incredibly common. Many vehicle accidents are preventable, and most are due to human error. These are the most common causes of car accidents in the United States:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the number one cause of auto accidents. Distracted driving has become more common with drivers being more occupied with texting, phone calls, food, and other distractions. Even a split-second of inattention behind the wheel can have severe, or even fatal, consequences.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is very dangerous, and it’s against the law in every state. Impaired driving is still a leading cause of vehicle accident injuries and deaths.

Excessive Speeding

Excessive speed is the second most common cause of auto accidents. Drivers often ignore speed limits, especially on highways, which gives them less reaction time and less control of their cars.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving refers to scenarios in which a driver ignores traffic signals and laws, carelessly handle his or her vehicle, or drives over aggressively. This can result from road rage, overall carelessness, or just a lack of situational awareness.

Bad Weather Conditions

Drivers need to take additional precautions when driving in the rain, snow, ice, fog, or extreme wind. Accidents are common during bad weather, especially when drivers don’t maintain safe distances from other vehicles, don’t adjust speed appropriately, don’t increase stopping time, or try to arrive at their destinations too quickly.


What Are Common Car Accident Injuries?

Drivers and passengers can be seriously hurt in auto accidents. In fact, 3,405 Will County auto accidents involved injuries in 2018. The most common U.S. car accident injuries are:

Auto accident injuries can range from minor to severe, and it’s important to seek appropriate medical care after an accident. Some common car accident injuries can become more serious later on or are not immediately recognizable. Certified medical personnel can better recognize internal or less obvious injuries that could cause complications if untreated. After medical treatment, call a Joliet car accident lawyer.

Visit the following for more details on common car accident injuries:

Most Common Car Accident Injury Information

Illinois Seat Belt Laws

“Seat belts save lives,” isn’t just a tagline — it’s the truth. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that seat belts saved the lives of 14,668 U.S. passenger vehicle occupants in 2016. Wearing a seatbelt is the safest thing to do, and it’s also the law.

Illinois legally requires that all vehicle occupants, regardless of seating position, use a properly fastened and adjusted safety belt. The driver is responsible for ensuring that all passengers wear seatbelts, and failure to do so results in fines starting at $25. The Child Passenger Protection Act requires that all children 8 years and younger be properly secured in a child safety seat approved by the CPPA. For more information about child seat standards and seat belt laws, penalties, and exemptions, visit Buckle Up Illinois.


How Can Drivers Prevent Accidents?

As mentioned earlier, most auto accidents are due to driver error or negligence. This means that a lot of accidents are preventable, and there are steps you can take to maximize your safety on the road.

Here are steps you can take while driving to prevent auto accidents:

  • Keep a safe distance from other automobiles. Avoid tailgating and following other vehicles too closely. This is especially important with larger vehicles like busses and trucks. Ideally, keep a distance of at least 200 feet except when passing.
  • Keep up with routine maintenance, service any damages, and keep your fuel and oil tanks appropriately filled. A lot of accidents in Joliet result from an ill-maintained vehicle breaking down on high-traffic intersections and roads.
  • Look out for other drivers’ communication signals and movements. Being aware of other’s actions and potential actions give you time to appropriately react and drive defensively.
  • Prepare for emergencies. Keep a fully charged cell phone on hand with at least one emergency contact (a family member or close friend) and your insurance company. You can preemptively keep the phone number of a Joliet car accident lawyer.
  • Avoid driving if you’re tired, intoxicated, or feel unfit to drive. Find another person to drive or find an alternative way home. If you’re driving and feel sick or tired, find a safe space to pull off of the road and rest.

What Should You Do if You’re in a Car Accident in Joliet, IL?

If you’re in an auto accident, preparation will make the situation easier to handle. Here are the five steps to take after a vehicle accident: 

1. Do Not Drive Away

Never, ever drive away after an accident. It is illegal and it will make your situation worse. Instead, shift your car into park, turn off the engine, and turn on the hazard lights. Establish a safe path out of harm’s way before you exit the vehicle. 

2. Contact the Police and Medical Professionals

If your accident is an emergency, call 9-1-1 to alert authorities and medical personnel. If the cars are not blocking traffic and no one is injured, call the Joliet Police Department’s non-emergency number at 815-726-2491 and report your accident. Follow police and medical personnel’s instructions. 

3. Document the Accident and Alert Your Insurance Company

It’s crucial to document your accident beyond a police report. Take pictures of any damages and the road where your accident occurred. Take detailed notes on how the accident happened, the date, and the time. Write down names, numbers, license plates, and insurance information of all parties involved, but do not admit fault (read on to learn more). Do not sign any documents unless they are from police or medical personnel. Contact your insurance company when you are able to do so.

4. Track All Medical Expenses and Treatments

If you are injured, ensure you receive proper medical attention and care. Keep track of all medical billing expenses and treatments along the way. This will help your car accident lawyer and/or insurance agent guarantee you gain the compensation you deserve for your injuries. 

5. Hire an Experienced Joliet Car Accident Lawyer

Finding an experienced car accident lawyer will help ensure your case is as strong as possible. Legal representation increases your chances of gaining full compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, and auto damage. Be aware of Illinois’ two-year statute of limitations and file your claim on time. Contact TorHoerman Law today to learn more about working with our experienced car accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers.


Joliet Emergency Services

If you’re involved in a Joliet auto accident, it’s important to contact emergency services and find quality medical care and treatment.

  • Joliet Emergency & Non-Emergency Services
  • All Joliet Emergencies & Ambulances — 911
  • Will County Sheriff — 815-727-8575
  • Kendall County Sheriff — 630-553-7500
  • Joliet Police Department (non-emergency) — 815-726-2491
  • Joliet Car Accident Lawyer — 1-888-508-6752
  • Joliet Fire Department Fire (non-emergency) — 815-724-3500
  • IDOT Roadside Emergencies –*999
  • AMITA Health Saint Joseph Medical Center  —  Joliet, Illinois, 60435 — 815-725-7133
  • Silver Cross Hospital  —  New Lenox, Illinois, 60451 — 815-300-1100 
  • Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center  —  New Lenox, Illinois, 60451 — 312-227-3620
  • Presence Saint Joseph Medical Children’s Emergency Department  —  Joliet, Illinois, 60435— 815-725-7133
  • Silver Cross Urgent Care  —  Joliet, Illinois, 60435 — 815-300-2273

Why You Should Never Admit Fault in a Car Accident in Joliet, IL

There is no reason to ever admit or accept fault at the scene of an accident (liability).

Even if you believe you could be at fault, do not admit fault. Auto accident fault is complex and rests on a variety of situational details and laws. There is also a good chance the other parties are partially at fault. Leave the determination to legal professionals.

If you do claim fault, the other parties can use this as a reference in future hearings, arbitrations, and deliberations. If you feel you are being pressured to admit fault, stay calm, and re-affirm your rights to refuse to be questioned. Again, do not admit fault, and let your car accident attorney handle the situation.


Hiring a Joliet Car Accident Lawyer

At TorHoerman Law, we have a team of experienced Joliet car accident lawyers available to help you receive compensation for your damages. We offer free consultations for all potential clients, and our legal services are based on contingency fees. This means none of our clients pay until we have helped them receive compensation.

Contact the law offices of TorHoerman today to learn more about your potential Joliet car accident lawsuit.



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