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Can Mom’s Medicine Hurt the Baby?


The list of medications that women shouldn’t take in pregnancy keeps getting longer. Earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration strengthened warnings that expectant mothers who take topiramate (brand name Topamax), for migraines or to Read More »

Plaintiffs Describe Severe Pain After Using Accutane


During opening statements, the attorney representing James Marshall, a 44 year old actor best known for his part as U.S. Marine Louden Downey in the 1992 hit movie "A Few Good Men" and two other California residents (Kelley Andrews, a Read More »

Pharmaceutical Marketing: How Drug Ads Influence Health Care


Today, drug companies spend $4 billion a year on ads to consumers. In 1997, the FDA rules governing pharmaceutical advertising changed, and now companies can name both the drug and what it’s for, while only naming the most significant potential Read More »

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