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A Guide to Bringing Your Dog to Your Workplace


Best Practices for Taking Your Dog to Work The concept of a pet-friendly workspace has been growing in popularity in recent years. In fact, 7% of employers have policies in place that allow their employees to bring their animal companions to work. Th Read More »

Common Sick Baby Symptoms to Be Watchful For


How to Tell if a Newborn Is Sick: the Most Common Health Conditions Parents Should Look For If you’re a first-time parent or your child has never been sick before, it can be distressing when your newborn baby falls ill and difficult to pinpoint the Read More »

FDA Approval Process | What is the FDA Drug Approval Process?


The Food and Drug Administration FDA Approval Process The United States Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, reviews and approves new prescription drugs and medical devices before companies can put them on the market. The FDA’s Center for Drug Ev Read More »

Underrated Lawyer Movies, According to a Lawyer and Movie Aficionado


Not every movie about a lawyer is good. In fact, most are terrible. But you can’t approach all legal movies the same way. Assuming Legally Blonde is in the same category as 12 Angry Men is akin to assuming spaghetti is the same as fettuccini – wh Read More »

iPhone 11 Radiation Lawsuit? Researchers Find Dangerous Levels


Does Apple Face an iPhone 11 Radiation Lawsuit? Independent researchers discovered that the popular Apple iPhone 11 omits radiofrequency radiation at levels that could be harmful to users. Popular Mechanics reported that RF Exposure Lab, an independe Read More »

Most Common Car Accident Injuries & How to Avoid Them


Most Common Car Accident Injuries & How to Avoid Them Car accidents happen often. With so many of us on the roads and driving remains the most popular mode of transportation in the United States, accidents are inevitable. According to the Nationa Read More »

TorHoerman Law’s 2019 Guide To Winter Weather Safety


Winter Weather Safety: Stay Safe This Holiday Season Welcome to the jungle, or… the tundra? The trees are changing colors, the bears are in hibernation, and it’s a little tougher to get out of bed in the morning.  It’s wintertime! Read More »

2019 TorHoerman Law Turkey Giveaway: A Huge Success


2019 TorHoerman Law Turkey Giveaway was yet another successful Thanksgiving event hosted by THL and the Alton Salvation Army. Thank you to all who participated in this wonderful event. Happy Hearts and Smiling Faces in Alton–Again! A turkey din Read More »

What is Mitigation? How to Mitigate Injuries in a Personal Injury Lawsuit


  When dealing with a personal injury lawsuit, your attorney will likely tell you right off the bat “you should mitigate any further injury.” But, what is mitigation? How does one mitigate injury? Why is mitigating injury an import Read More »

The Five Most Common Types of Vehicle Accidents


Common Types of Vehicle Accidents Driving remains an incredibly common mode of transportation in the United States. Unfortunately, cars and other types of vehicle accidents are also one of the most common causes of injuries in personal injury lawsuit Read More »

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