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Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will affect driving ability and reaction time. Operating a car with a migraine or while sleep-deprived also reduces reaction time and can be very dangerous. Speeding and reckless driving are becoming increasingly common, despite being unsafe, and often carrying heavier punishment.

The best way to tell if you are sober enough to drive is to not drive. If there is any alcohol in your system, be extremely careful. Many accidents happen due to drivers being under the influence. Legally, a .08 BAC is the limit to drive. Alcohol affects everyone differently though, so know your body, and play it safe and avoid driving altogether.

Reckless driving is defined as being the willful or wanton disregard for the vehicle and others on the road. Things like speeding 2o miles per hour (or more) over the legal limit, racing, or tailgating are all considered reckless driving. It is often cited as a misdemeanor (instead of an infraction) and can, therefore, have harsher charges. Some of these charges may include heavy fines and/or jail time.

Belleville Truck Accident Lawyer: Your Legal Guide to Belleville, Illinois

Belleville, the largest city south of Springfield, has a population of 41,641 (as of 2017).

This French city was established in 1814. A wonderful translation of the name to “beautiful city” graces the town, along with activities around the area that keep people coming back. Located just 30 minutes southeast of St. Louis, this growing city is home to a stop on the St. Louis Metrolink, along with 5 major highways and 2 adjacent highways. Scott AirForce Base, MidAmerica St. Louis Airport, and Lambert International Airport are all within a short drive. Large highways, airports, and plenty of fun activities sometimes make travel difficult, especially for large trucks and buses.

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Places To See Belleville, IL

Eckert’s Country Store and Farm host activities like yoga and wine-tastings throughout the spring, summer, and autumn months. The farm area also has pick-your-own veggies and fruits that are available inside the shop year-round as well. Live music and barbecues are on the regular, and apple, peach, and pumpkin picking keeps families coming back for fresh food and fun memories.

4204 Main Street Brewing Company is an award-winning steakhouse located at (can you guess?) 4204 Main Street. With awards for Best Patio, Best Brewery, Best Brunch, and Best Steakhouse, this eatery has been popular since its open in 2014. One of  2 of the Nation’s “twin 30 barrel brew houses” also has a home in the brewery next door. Drinking, dining, and de-stressing are perfect for friends and family. For choking accidents, you can call a Belleville truck accident lawyer to ask about compensation.


What's There To Do in Belleville, IL?

Good news! Belleville has plenty of options for those who aren’t hungry and want to just peek around. The Labor and Industry Museum hosts some of the area’s most intricate history. Exhibits remain open for a walk-through all year round, as well as tours for those who like additional information and people to learn with.

Walnut Hill Cemetery sounds like the ghost hunter’s dream. Rolling greens display some of the area’s last above-ground headstones. A Civil War Memorial and A Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial also show thanks to our troops throughout the seasons. The 170-year-old cemetery is the oldest of its kind in the area, and history here runs rampant.

SkyView Drive-In is a great way to finish off a busy day. Opened in 1949, the drive-in has been a family favorite since. 2 full-length movies show each night. A concession stand sits close by with snacks to share. By use of a broadcast system through an FM Radio, listeners can stay inside their own cars. Or, bring a radio to watch from the comfort of a lawn chair. Kids come free!


What Does A Belleville Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

Motor vehicle accidents, truck and bus accidents, commercial truck accidents, and tractor-trailer accidents are common in Illinois. Legal representation and a good attorney-client relationship are key.

Having an experienced truck accident lawyer can make a big difference for you emotionally and financially.


Dangerous Roads in Belleville, Illinois

In Belleville, there are some major highways to keep an eye on, especially with as many travelers as Belleville sees through their city.

In St. Claire County, the average miles traveled in 2018 was a massive 2,815,295,626 miles, according to IDot. The neighboring Madison County also surpassed 2 billion, coming to stop at 2,956,586,114 miles. With numbers like these, routes 15, 159, 177, 13, and 161 have seen their fair share of accidents and slip-ups.


5 Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Belleville, IL

Driving under the influence is still problematic among truck drivers. Alcohol and drugs cause severe impairment among drivers, making lines on the road hard to see, exit signs and construction signs difficult to see, and speeding and reckless driving more common. Driving under the influence also leads to criminal charges and loss of work for drivers involved, as well as being incredibly dangerous to yourself and others on the road.

Distracted or fatigued driving is common not only for truck and bus drivers but for common drivers as well. Talking on the phone or texting, smoking, eating, messing with music, ac, or other equipment can take valuable attention off the road and cause extreme problems. Simply keeping your attention on the road may save lives in the long run.

Speeding and reckless driving cause dangerous situations on a busy roads. Drivers making up for a lost time, tailgating, passing and weaving through groups of smaller cars, or simply cutting off other drivers is never safe, especially in a large, heavy vehicle. Due to the sheer size and weight of commercialized trucks, tractor-trailers, and buses, slowing and stopping quickly can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Sharp turns may also be very difficult, meaning weaving around smaller cars may not be possible, especially at high speeds. For fatal crashes, consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit alongside a Belleville truck accident lawyer.

Poor training in drivers and companies can also be unsafe. Training gives drivers the necessary skills to react efficiently on the road to various conditions, such as rain, construction, and other drivers. Most companies and training exercises require a certain amount of driving time and practice to be officially licensed as a truck or bus driver. Almost all trucks and buses have a number to call on the back of the vehicle, so if a driver is driving unsafely, call the number there.

Poor vehicle maintenance may also cause severe problems on the road. Regular oil checks, tire maintenance, and equipment updates keep the driver and their vehicle in tip-top shape to be safe around others. If a truck or bus has a problem that causes an accident, the company, truck or bus driver, and insurance may have another possible lawsuit on their hands. Many companies have active logs of maintenance to ensure all their trucks and buses receive proper care. For accidents that happen on someone else’s property, read about premises liability.


What To Do If You Are Involved In A Truck Accident in Belleville, IL

  1. Stay put. Never leave the scene of an accident. Medical attention, if necessary, should be the only reason to leave.
  2. Call for help. Call the police and medical care immediately, no matter how small the accident may seem. Illinois State Law requires an accident to be reported if an injury or death has occurred. If the accident or injury resulted in more than $1,500 in property damage, it must be reported within 10 days. Otherwise, it is considered a felony. With commercialized trucks, most accidents will be severe.
  3. Take pictures. Everything- injuries, vehicles, road conditions, weather conditions, anything that shows how and why the accident occurred will help you and your attorney. Write names and license numbers of everyone involved, including corresponding officers and medical teams. It’s better to be overprepared than underprepared. 
  4. Don’t admit fault to anyone. Telling another driver and/or their insurance company something was “all your fault” may lead to a possible lawsuit on your hands, which could lead to more cost and valuable time.
  5. Keep track of everything. If you are injured, keep all your information in a safe place to use later on in your case.
  6. Contact a lawyer. Contact a Belleville Truck Accident Lawyer lawyer ASAP. A team of people who know the legal system in and out will help you on your way to compensation.


How Does Car Insurance Work in Belleville, Illinois?

Illinois Secretary of State requires all motorists to carry license and registration at all times.  New cards are sent when a driver registers for a policy or a policy is renewed. If you are stopped for a traffic violation and do not have the necessary cards or proof of insurance, law enforcement may also cite you for a traffic violation. Minimum requirements for insurance policies in the state of Illinois as stated by the Illinois Secretary of State are as follows:

  • $25,000 for the injury or death of one person in an accident
  • $50,000 for the injury or death of one or more people in an accident
  • $20,000 for damage to the property of another person in an accident

Computers also send out random questionnaires for verification purposes. If the information filled out online during the questionnaire cannot be verified by the state or the insurance company, a suspension may be put on your license. If you have been uninsured, some companies may refuse to sell you insurance when you try to purchase a policy. Making sure all the requirements for insurance are met is important to driving safely and legally. For information on mass tort cases, read about bellwether trials and multidistrict litigation from the perspective of a Belleville truck accident lawyer.


Contact a Belleville Truck Accident Lawyer

Each case, insurance company, person, and the place is different. In the State of Illinois, the statute of limitations is two years after the date of the accident. When your attorney has looked over the details and accepted your case, they will help you begin the civil lawsuit process. Once this is done, a period of litigation discovery will begin. This is when damages, evidence, and depositions of all parties and potential witnesses are brought forward and exchanged. This step is crucial in proving liability.

Oftentimes after the discovery, the parties involved will try and resolve the case. Sometimes, this can be finished in just 6 months. The facts and evidence of the case will determine how fast this goes, and if there is potential for any settlements.

If a settlement is agreed upon, the liens and contingency fees are paid. After that, you may receive either a lump-sum payment or a structured settlement set by both parties and their attorneys. Structured settlements are paid within a timeframe, which is discussed with your attorney and the opposing party. If the parties involved cannot agree on a settlement, the case may go to trial.

Though most do not, your case might go all the way to trial. If that’s the case, your attorney will be with you every step of the journey and ensuring that you’re mitigating damages properly. The lawyers at TorHoerman Law are available for all your questions and concerns throughout the compensation process. You can plan on TorHoerman Law to work hard for you and your case.


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