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Naperville experiences thousands of traffic accidents each year. Truck accidents account for a small percentage of them but are still incredibly dangerous. Nobody is immune to accidents, so it is best to be cautious while driving.

Naperville is a very safe town. Their crime rates are generally much lower than those of most Illinois cities. However, the city’s dense population can hamper traffic safety.

A truck accident lawyer can win you money that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to win. They can assess how the truck accident affected you and fight for compensation to cover your damages.

Naperville Truck Accident Statistics

Truck Accidents are not as rare as you may think. Thousands of these accidents occur every year and leave people with devastating injuries that can affect their livelihood.

Here are some stats that may surprise you.

  • There were 52 truck-related accidents in Naperville, IL, in 2018.
  • Of the 52 truck accidents, 39 of them resulted in property damage.
  • In Naperville, IL, there were 13 reports of personal injury due to trucking accidents, according to the latest IDOT city summary crash report.
  • There were nearly 1,000 accidents involving large trucks in DuPage County.
  • DuPage County remains one of the most accident-prone counties throughout Illinois.
  • The latest IDOT report shows that were more than 12,000 truck accidents in Illinois throughout the calendar year.


What Can a Naperville Truck Accident Lawyer Do For Me?

Finding the right Naperville truck accident law firm for you can be a difficult decision.

Receiving professional legal help is extremely helpful for many reasons. A Naperville truck accident lawyer will take care of all the legal responsibilities to ensure that you will receive full compensation for your injuries. Your attorney will help gather evidence and assess your damages so that you will have the strongest personal injury lawsuit possible. At TorHoerman Law, our team of Naperville truck accident lawyers fights for your justice so that you can focusing on recovering. Our Naperville truck accident law firm operates on a contingency fee basis. Therefore, we do not receive any payment until you are duly compensated for your injuries.

Our legal experts are more than willing to discuss your best path to legal compensation now.


Common Types of Truck Accidents in Naperville, IL

Rear End

Rear-end collisions were the most common type of truck accidents in Naperville, Illinois. These accidents happen when the front end of one vehicle collides with the back end of another vehicle, while they are traveling in the same direction. This specific type of accident accounted for 1,175 crashes. It is recommended to stay at least 200ft behind any vehicle in front of you on the road. Keeping this distance can dramatically reduce the chances of a rear-end accident.


In 2018, crashes that occurred during turning were the second most common type of accident in Naperville. There were a total of 552 of these incidents. Large trucks do not have the same turning capacity as smaller vehicles. It is common for trucks to occupy multiple narrow lanes while turning. Pay to attention turn signals and any other indications that a vehicle may be turning in order to avoid these collisions.


Angle collisions are where two motor vehicles collide at an angle. For instance, the front of one vehicle impacts the side of another. There were more than 250 reported angle type of accidents in Naperville, Illinois.

Visit the following for more information on common truck accident types:

Common truck accident circumstances



What To Do if I Am Involved in a Truck Accident in Naperville, IL

If you have been involved in a truck accident, follow these steps to ensure your safety:

  1. Steer your vehicle off to the side of the road to prevent a pileup of traffic.
  2. Turn your hazard lights on.
  3. Exit the vehicle and examine the scene.
  4. Dial 911 if there is an emergency.
  5. Gather contact and insurance information of those involved in the crash.
  6. Get in touch with your insurance company to find out what they can do for you.
  7. Make a concerted effort to mitigate any potential injuries.
  8. Finally, contact an experienced Naperville truck accident lawyer; they can help you get compensated for various ways that your life was altered by the collision.


Determining Fault in a Naperville Truck Accident Lawsuit

There is never any reason to admit fault in an auto accident.

Admitting to another party of their insurance company that you caused the accident can create the possibility for lawsuits to be filed against you. Liability is a focal point of any personal injury lawsuit. A Naperville truck accident lawyer will have to prove that your injury was directly caused by the negligence of a third party. The attorney will review police reports, witness statements, and examine any pictures or videos that have been taken. In truck accidents, liability is not limited to just the driver of the vehicle. The trucking company, employers, and insurance providers can be held liable for damages. Truck drivers can operate as either independent contractors, full-time employees for multiple companies, or full-time employees for a single company.

Illinois is a “comparative fault state” – which means that you can lose potential compensation depending on how liable you are found to be for the accident.


How Long Will My Naperville Truck Accident Lawsuit Take to Resolve?

There is not a set standard amount of time a Naperville truck accident lawsuit takes to be resolved.

Each case has its own unique circumstances that result in different lengths of time. Generally, you can expect your Naperville truck accident lawsuit to settle anywhere between six months to two years. A case that settles out of court will likely move along more quickly than one in which you must go to court.

The amount of time also can depend on the schedule of the court, which can be very unpredictable at times.


Filing a Naperville Truck Accident Lawsuit

The civil lawsuit process is detailed, time-consuming, and stressful.

The legal proceedings can be extremely difficult to navigate without a clear understanding of the law. It can be especially overwhelming for those who are still dealing with the trauma that comes along with truck accidents. It is best to hire an experienced Naperville truck accident lawyer. Also, it is important that you take this action as quickly as possible. The statute of limitations for your case only lasts a certain amount of time. If the SOL expires, then you will have lost your chance at any significant payment.

Let us serve fight for your right to appropriate compensation.


TorHoerman Law Firm – Your Naperville Truck Accident Law Firm

The legal experts at our Naperville truck accident law firm have decades of experience in personal injury litigation.

We specialize in Naperville truck accident lawsuits. At TorHoerman Law we have won more than $4 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Let us take this unnecessary stress away from you. Contact an experienced Naperville truck accident lawyer today to discuss your legal options.

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