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A: Aurora has a large number of crowded highways and roads. It is safe, but you should still be cautious on the interstate.

A: Trucks are often larger and much heavier than the typical car. They also have more limited visibility and have to do more maintenance on their vehicle. These factors can increase the risk of an accident.

A lawyer who deals with truck accidents can figure out whose fault the accident was and then try to prove it in court. If it wasn’t your fault, you could get paid for the accident.

About Aurora, IL

As one of Illinois’s largest cities, Aurora regularly deals with heavy traffic and fatal accidents on the roads. The highways that run through the city are often clogged despite the popularity of the train. Moreover, Illinois’s weather patterns can be irregular which makes it harder to plan a commute. Among the hazards that the city of Aurora faces are truck accidents. Whether it’s a flatbed truck veering off the road or a nearby car that failed to merge with a semi-trailer, truck crashes can be destructive if not deadly.

If you’ve endured an accident involving a truck, you’ll benefit from calling an Aurora truck accident lawyer.


Truck Accident Statistics For Aurora, Illinois

Truck crashes happen less often than regular car accidents, but they’re more likely to result in injuries.

Here are some of IDOT’s statistics for the rate of Illinois truck accidents in 2018:

  • The number of males who got in accidents was only slightly higher than females. However, accidents involving trucks and motorcycles involve males much more often than females.
  • There were a total of 62,432 accidents involving pickup trucks and large trucks in Illinois. These crashes caused 124 fatalities and 6,164 injuries.
  • Light truck accidents most commonly happen to teen drivers whereas large truck accidents happen to drivers age 45-59.
  • The number of large truck accidents increased by 7% in 2018 compared to the prior four-year average. Fatalities truck accidents went up more than 15%.
  • In 2017, 23 fatal truck accidents happened in a work zone and 117 injuries. Tractor-trailers were the deadliest type of truck.
  • The same year, Monday and Wednesday were tied for having the most truck accidents, while 12 PM to 4 PM was the most common time for a crash to take place.
  • If you want to learn more about truck accidents or to file a lawsuit, talk to an Aurora truck accident lawyer.


Aurora, IL Transportation: Roads and Routes

If you’re new to the Aurora area, there are some roads and travel resources that you may find useful.

Here is a quick guide on getting around in Aurora:

  • Highways 25, 30, 31, 34, 56, 59, and 88 run through or along with Aurora. Highways 88 and 34 will take you towards Chicago. Some other big roads are Montgomery, Galena Blvd, Indian Trail, and N Eola.
  • The BNSF Railway is Aurora’s extensive train system. The main station is located along the Fox River, and the route stops in Naperville before making more than a dozen stops on the way to Chicago.
  • Taxis and buses are also available in Aurora. The bus will take passengers around Aurora and even to neighboring cities. For detailed routes, you can use the Pace Route Finder tool.
  • Finally, water travel is an option. Kayaks are allowed on the Fox River where passengers can float where the waves take them.
  • If you visit Aurora and get hurt on the roads or in the river, ask an Aurora truck accident lawyer if you’re eligible for compensation.


What To Do During A Truck Accident in Aurora, IL

Accidents of any magnitude can be nerve-wracking. You don’t always know what the damage is, the others who crashed might be incapacitated or angry, and it might feel like the accident was your fault.

In any case, the following steps will get you through a truck accident:

  • Pull off the road. A stopped vehicle is a major safety hazard for oncoming drivers.
  • Turn off your truck and hop out. Certain parts of a truck can explode when damaged. You’ll also have better visibility.
  • Assess others for injuries. If you’re confident that you weren’t injured in the accident, try to help the others. It doesn’t hurt to be well-trained in CPR. At the very least, take note of any injuries you observe.
  • Call 911. The number may vary depending on where you are, but you need to call your local emergency phone number. They will talk you through the situation and likely send in medical professionals and police.
  • Once things have quieted down, document the crash. Take photos and write down any names, license plate numbers, and other details you notice about the accident. Your insurer and Aurora truck accident lawyer will need this information.
  • Call your truck insurance company. Tell them what happened and they’ll discuss compensation with you.
  • Phone up an Aurora truck accident lawyer. Chances are your insurance company couldn’t cover medical bills or lost income. A personal injury lawyer can work with you to pay for those things.


What Does The Aurora Truck Accident Lawsuit Process Look Like?

If you were hurt in a truck accident, it may be wise for you to file a truck accident lawsuit. It will probably be a civil lawsuit that requires the aid of an attorney.

The civil lawsuit process will look something like this:

  • You call TorHoerman Law and tell them you were in an accident. We’ll ask you some basic questions to gauge what happened. We might ask to schedule a follow-up call or to meet in person.
  • If we think a lawsuit is a good option, we’ll start building a case. This includes gathering evidence, calculating damages, and trying to prove that you aren’t liable for the truck accident.
  • Your lawyer may try to make a settlement out of court. If this doesn’t happen, the lawsuit process will continue. If your truck accident was fatal, there’s a good chance it will be a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • The goal of the lawsuit is for you to receive compensation. Compensation may be affected by the type of damages (compensatory or punitive).
  • A winning lawsuit will land you a check.


How Long Does An Aurora Truck Accident Lawsuit Take to Settle?

Truck accidents are a type of personal injury case.

As with most personal injury cases, you can expect your truck accident lawsuit to take between one and two years to settle. Of course, this depends on many factors such as the length of the discovery period and the length of the depositions, both of which progress at the discretion of the court. An out-of-court settlement can take just as long but may also happen in a matter of months. Your lawyer will have the best idea of exactly how long your truck accident lawsuit should take to settle.

Make sure to file a suit before the statute of limitations expires.


An Aurora Truck Accident Lawyer Can Get You Paid

Are you still suffering physically, emotionally, or financially after a truck accident? It’s time to resolve the accident.

At TorHoerman Law, we’ve curated a team of lawyers who specialize in car and truck accident cases.

Call us for free at 1-888-508-6752 to talk about compensation.



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