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No vehicle is perfect when it comes to safety. Trucks can weigh up to 30 times more than a car and are trickier to drive, so it’s safe to say you run more risks when driving a truck.

Truck crashes are a problem in Illinois. Truck crashes account for 4% of all traffic accidents but 10% of traffic fatalities.

TorHoerman Law is a personal injury firm that specializes in car and truck accidents. We have offices in St. Louis, Edwardsville, and Chicago. Call us at 1-888-508-6752 to see if we can help you.

What Makes Trucks Dangerous?

You probably do your best to keep a safe distance from trucks on the highway, but do you ever wonder why that is?

Trucks are quite different than cars. Not even the safest cars are guaranteed to work properly all of the time, so it’s no surprise that a larger and more awkward machine runs more safety risks. These are some of the reasons that trucks are dangerous:

  • Due to their mass, it takes longer for a truck to stop, accelerate, or simply slow down. This places more responsibility on surrounding drivers to accommodate the movements of the truck.
  • Trucks often carry loads that can detach from the vehicle while driving. Experienced truckers secure their loads pretty well, but it still happens.
  • Truck tires explode. Some drivers fail to keep their tire pressure at a proper level. The result is an unexpected explosion that flings debris and startles anyone nearby. Even if a tire popped off a truck without exploding, the inertia of a moving tire can easily cause an accident.
  • Truck drivers basically go on a road trip every day. Even with stops, the long hours and lack of stimulation are a recipe for fatigue. Fatigue can be as deadly as driving under the influence.
  • Truck drivers don’t have the best visibility, and the size of their vehicle makes other drivers’ visibility a little worse, too. Ideally, you can see your whole environment from within your vehicle. But trucks have confusing blindspots, and their billboard-like figure isn’t helpful to passing vehicles.
  • Most people are deeply afraid of getting hit by a truck. Should you get hit, it’s recommended you call an Illinois truck accident lawyer.


Interesting Facts About Trucks

Here at TorHoerman Law, we usually stick to the darker and more legal side of driving trucks. In this guide, we thought we’d drift towards something a little brighter.

Here are some cool truck facts that were recently posted by Business Insider:

  • In 2017, the American trucking industry posted revenues higher than the GDP of more than 150 nations.
  • Approximately 5.8% of all full-time jobs in America are related to trucking.
  • Walmart alone employs more than 8,600 truckers.
  • In 2017, trucks moved 10.8 billion tons of freight.
  • Trucks move more than 70% of all goods transported around the United States.
  • More than 40% of the jobs in the American trucking industry are held by minorities.
  • Not one of the regulators charged with overseeing the trucking industry was ever a truck driver.
  • Most grocery stores would run out of food in just three days if long-haul truckers stopped driving.
  • Everyone who gets trucked is glad they talked to an Illinois truck accident lawyer.
  • Many experts think the trucking industry needs to hire 900,000 more drivers.
  • Truck drivers earn less than most Americans in terms of annual income.
  • The average professional long-haul trucker logs more than 100,000 miles per year.


What Does An Illinois Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

Jumping into a lawsuit sounds scary if you’re unfamiliar with the world of law. How do you file a lawsuit? Does my accident justify going to court? Is it worth the time and money? Fortunately, it doesn’t matter how much you know because an Illinois truck accident lawyer will step in to help from the very beginning.

If you’ve suffered a car or truck accident, it’s possible that you can win financial compensation for the various ways that the accident has impaired your life. The civil lawsuit process will look something like this:

  • You call TorHoerman Law and tell them what’s going on. We’ll give you our initial thoughts and may ask for some follow-up information. If we can take you on as a client, we’ll probably want to speak in person pretty quickly.
  • Your attorney will gather evidence. It’s essentially collecting the materials they need to fully understand your situation before building the case.
  • A lawyer will assess damages. Damages are the specific ways you’ve been harmed as a result of the accident, such as lost time at work, hospital bills, or emotional difficulties. Damages are very important, so try to keep any relevant documents that you can give your lawyer!
  • It’s very possible that your attorney settles your case out of court. This would end the case-building process in your favor which means you’ll get paid. Without reaching a settlement, a lawsuit might be the next step.
  • In the event of a lawsuit, you and your lawyer will team up in court to show how the truck accident affected you, to prove liability, and to argue for compensatory or punitive damages. If somebody was killed in the accident, a wrongful death claim may be in order.
  • If you win the case, you receive compensation!


TorHoerman Law - Your Illinois Truck Accident Lawyer

It’s time for you to get back on your feet.

The team at TorHoerman Law is experienced in personal injury litigation, and we’ve settled our fair share of truck accident cases. We’ll lead you through the legal process as your Illinois truck accident lawyer.

Call us at 1-888-508-6752 to get the ball rolling.



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