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Legal Resources

Having spent many years working in personal injury litigation both on the defense side and the plaintiff’s side, I have developed close relationships with other law firms across the country. Not only does TorHoerman Law serve personal injury clients in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Missouri, but, we are also happy to provide a service to injured individuals everywhere by sharing with them the lawyers and law firms that we believe will be best fit for their case. We share this list of lawyers that we trust with referrals here as a resource to injured individuals.

If you are a lawyer that is interested in sharing Information about TorHoerman Law’s Illinois, Missouri and Pennsylvania injury practices and would like to be included as one of our legal referral partners, please reach out to us. We welcome the opportunity to get our message of justice for people out nationally and provide your resources as well.

As always, I greatly appreciate you considering my firm,

Tor Hoerman


Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Indianapolis IN – Hovde Dassow + Deets

Car Accident Lawyer in Litchfield IL – Hanlta & Hantla

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